Ready for your Rise and Thrive Strategy session?

We are strong women – leaders, professionals, mothers, lovers, friends. We work hard, we're ambitious and we like to do things well … very well, actually. But there's only so many balls we can hold in the air, right?

I'll show you how you can take your success to the next level without the wheels falling off. Finally, enjoy your lifestyle and your family while you build your career and achieve amazing results.

My team and I can help you be impactful and influential in your career with less stress, negativity and exhaustion. Together, we support you to Rise & Thrive in a sustainable way with time to enjoy what's most important to you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a FREE 30-minute session offered exclusively to women in leadership. It will be highly valuable; however, we ask you to ONLY take up this offer if you are truly SERIOUS about your career and taking it to the next level with more balance. I have limited spots available so send through your request ASAP.

Here's exactly what you will get in your FREE 30 minute Rise and Thrive Strategy Session

          • Rediscover your compelling career vision and reignite your passion
        • Learn how to create your greatest impact NOW using your strengths and untapped superpowers
        • Walk away with a clear plan and sustainable steps to take your game to the next level

So here's what you need to do. Simply click the link below and complete a few quick questions. This will let me know if you are ready and serious about taking your career to the next level in a more sustainable way.

I will be in touch with you within 48-72 hours to let you know if you’ve been successful in securing one of the 30-minute high-value career Rise and Thrive Strategy Sessions where we will together develop a sustainable plan to create the career, and life you love.

Let me help you map out your next steps.

I look forward to personally guiding you to get your career and life back on track so you feel re-energised, excited and passionate again.

The coaching I had with Jo helped me find personal fulfilment by giving me direction to rediscover my love of my career and life.

I found a balance between my ambitions and personal wellbeing.

Through Jo's encouragement I have been able to regain a sense of perspective and motivation which have helped me take control and make some positive changes.

Thanks Jo for all your guidance and support!

Don't be afraid of adversity- you may well be surprised by what you can do.

Roey , Education Manager, Victoria

If you have ever considered embarking upon a coaching session and are looking for support in that journey, I can highly recommend Jo Wise.

Jo is a very committed and insightful, who unfailingly asks the right questions, giving you time and support as you reach for your answers. You know as she works with you, that she is there for you 100%. And, she is strong enough to encourage you to go further than you would on your own.

Jenna , Lawyer, Sydney

Jo is a wonderful coach. I gained many unexpected and valuable insights into the barriers to success that I was creating. I also learned tools to break cycles that were holding me back both personally and career wise, as well as identifying an area of passion for career that I hadn't previously realised was a tangible path to pursue.

She is authentic, knowledgeable, genuine, professional, and very talented. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it!

Rachael , Executive Assistant to Chairman, Professional Consulting Firm, Melbourne

I was fortunate enough to have a coaching session with Jo via phone. At the time, I was really struggling with wanting to accelerate my career to another level, but also not quite ready to lose any more of the little free time I have. I knew how important it was build my career and to give me more choices in my life. I also wanted my husband and family to see me accomplish the success I am truly capable of.

Jo helped me see how my struggle clearly, she helped me to clarify how I have been holding myself back. With her guidance, I was able to come up with steps to accelerate my career.

Stephanie , Dietitian, Melbourne

Fabulous session! This really got me thinking and planning my OWN destiny, and what is next for me.

Kate , Manager ANZ Bank, Melbourne