Corporate Leadership

Jo Wise has emerged as an inspirational and dynamic force in the business world, helping to crack the code of leadership and business success.

The shifting dynamics within team environments and large organisational cultures can be incredibly diverse and difficult terrain to navigate if you're not equipped with the right tools and skills.

Through my workshops, behavioural profiling, consulting and coaching programs, I pride myself on participant engagement by delivering powerful approaches to help business leaders thrive. With the right tools, strategies and information, individuals can harness the power of persuasion and influence to effect meaningful change within the business itself and on the bottom line, providing outstanding value to organisations.

I've often been told that, my conversational-based seminars and workshops have repeatedly proven to have a positive and significant impact by boosting engagement levels, driving performance and strengthening behaviour,even within some of the most difficult groups.

One of the things I value most highly is being able to create a comfortable space for people to be open and authentic. This has allowed me to successfully bring together teams from different departments and open the communication lines, so people walk away with an appreciation of what the other department does, including their goals, focuses and priorities. This not only fosters a deeper sense of connection, it also enables them to collaborate more effectively moving forward.

I conduct workshops and seminars on topics such as: Influence, Leadership, Communication Styles, Executive Performance and Effective Branding.

For more information on any of my programs, please email me at: or you can get in touch via my Contact page.