I’m a woman with a full-on job, three kids and zero time to think strategically about the direction of my career, let alone my life. The aptly named Jo Wise injects exactly that into your thinking a wise analysis of what it means to be a working woman in this day and age, and how to rise up above the day-to-day in a quest for balance, strategic direction and, most crucially, happiness.

Louise Perry Associate Director Public Affairs, Oxfam Australia

Working with Jo Wise in my coaching program for 6 months has allowed me to give myself a pat on the back because I can now see I’m doing so well. I’ve released much of what has been blocking me in the past and I’m consciously aware of staying in this space. I am happy! I now remember to trust myself. And a really big thing I’ve realised is, having a job doesn’t need to equal stress!”

Amy Executive Assistant, The Myer Foundation

When Jo got up to speak it was like an electric charge passed across the room and through my body, I could not take my eyes off this incredible woman who was talking about her business, her success, with so much confidence and charisma I had just had to talk to her. From the moment we spoke, it was as if Jo could see into my soul, cut through all the crap, call me out on my tales of woe, and get to the heart of the matter (that was just in the first 2 minutes). I wanted something different in my life, I was miserable in my job, single and struggling to find joy in any part of my life. From that first brief chat, I knew Jo would be a part of helping me get exactly what I wanted. To say Jo is magic would be the best way to explain the impact she has had. Her ability to listen and ask the questions that will literally change your life, is uncanny and brilliant. Jo is insightful, caring, persistent and truly invested in her clients. Not only would I recommend Jo as a trainer and a coach, I do, I have and will continue to.

Lorelle Black