Are you worried if you take your career to the next level, the wheels might fall off?

As leaders, lovers, mothers, friends and businesswomen, we juggle a lot. Except there are only so many balls we can keep up in the air at any one time before they fall down and we fall apart.

I know I felt that way; until I built a sustainable routine that allowed me to rise and thrive in a very successful career while still enjoying quality time with my boyfriend, son, and even myself. I believe everyone needs a helping hand at some point in life. Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves permission to accept it. I've already walked the journey you find yourself on if you're reading this page, so let me offer you my hand and help you up to the next level.

When we work in a corporate environment, the energy is very linear and masculine. Women in particular, often feel they're unable to be authentic. They work harder, longer, faster to meet demands and achieve bigger outcomes and as a result, they can't or don't connect with the things they know will instinctually work.

I am passionate about shifting that paradigm.

I have enjoyed a career in leadership with a Fortune 100 company, mentored and coached thousands of thought leaders, high-level executives, individuals and teams, enthusiastically guiding and challenging them to rise up and become more dynamic leaders, colleagues and friends. I've been fortunate enough to travel extensively as I've gathered knowledge, created strategies and sharpened my skills in the search for leadership excellence. I've now built a leadership and mentoring program for women who are like me - passionate high achievers.

To learn more about my programs you can visit this page or if you've read enough and you already know you would love to work with me one-on-one, please book in for your first Rise and Thrive Strategy Session.

Jo Wise is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, and behavioural trainer, passionate about empowering and inspiring high-achieving women through her coaching and workshops.

With more than 20 years experience in training and leadership, some of which was spent with a Fortune 100 company, Jo has also trained in Extended DiSC personality profiling, life and performance coaching, and neuro-linguistic coaching to help her clients shift blocks, transform relationships and break through their own glass ceiling to effect lasting change quickly and meaningfully.

Through her one-on-one coaching, Jo empowers women to trust themselves, lead with influence and have real conversations to create dynamic change in both business and personal relationships. With small and incremental steps, women are able to reach new heights and stretch themselves in ways that are congruent with her truth and circumstance.

Her events and workshops are attended by executives and business leaders around Australia. Renowned for her wisdom and insight as much as the way she engages the room, people come away from Jo's events transformed in ways they'd never imagined. She combines her unique skills and expertise to deliver her programs in a way everyone can relate to.